Scrap Metal Registration


A scrap metal dealer is any person, including any corporation, firm, company or association or an employee or agent who has the express or implied authority to buy, exchange or deal in scrap metal on behalf of the dealer. The business and any other person or entity acting as a scrap metal dealer or on behalf of the scrap metal business must register with the Department of Commerce and Insurance.

Scrap metal means any ferrous or nonferrous metal that is no longer used for its original purpose and is capable of being processed for reuse by a metal recycling facility, including, but not limited to, iron, brass, wire, cable, copper, bronze, aluminum, platinum, lead, solder, steel, stainless steel, catalytic converters or other similar obsolete ferrous or nonferrous metals, but shall not include recyclable aluminum cans.


Return completed application and fee to program office.

Application may be made for Dealer licensure or business location on the form application provided.

The business and any person acting as a scrap metal dealer on behalf of the business must register.


Initial Application Fee: $200
Renewal Fee: $175
Reinstatement Fee: $200


Scrap Metal Dealer Form Duplicate or Change of Name and/or Address

Scrap Metal Dealer Withdrawal Form

Scrap Metal Voucher Remittance Form

Scrap metal sellers are required to have a state or federally issued photo identification card and provide a thumbprint

After license expires will need to log into CORE and complete a reinstatement request. They will be informed when the new application is opened for them to reapply.