Motor Vehicle Manufacturer / Distributor Representative


A Distributor representative means a representative employed by a distributor or employed by a distributor branch or wholesaler for the purpose of making or promoting the sale of motor vehicles or for supervising, servicing, instructing, procuring, contracting or contacting for any reason motor vehicle dealers or prospective motor vehicle dealers or their employees.



  • Completion of application
  • Provide listing of line-makes/brand names in Tennessee

  • Notorize Application

  • Submission of associated Fees

  • Application Endorsement by Factory or Distributor Represenative


License Application:  $400

Biennial Renewal:  $400

Late Renewal Fee:  $200

Duplicate License:  $25


All representative licenses are connected with the associated licensed manufacturer endorsing the application.  Upon change of employment with the manufacturer, the Commission must be notified immediately as it effects the representative licensure.