Motor Vehicle Manufacturer / Distributor License


A Manufacturer means any person who manufactures or assembles new and unused motor vehicles or recreational vehicles, or who maintains factory representatives.  Any motor vehicle, motorcycle, scooter and RV manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler located in Tennessee is required to be licensed by the Motor Vehicle Commission.

A Distributor or Wholesaler means any person who in whole or in part sells or distributes any new and unused motor vehicles to motor vehicle dealers or who maintains distributor representatives.



Applicants should also be aware that completion of Motor Vehicle Commission form to delete any line makes no longer manufactured, or distributed in Tennessee should be submitted to the Commission upon effectuation of manufacturing changes.


License Application:  $1600 (plus $50 per Franchise Dealer in TN)

Biennial Renewal:  $1600 (plus $50 each per Franchise Dealer in TN)

Late Fee:  $800

Duplicate License:  $25


This license covers:  Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Factory Branches, Distributor Branches, RV Manufacturers, and Motorcycle/Scooter Manufacturers.  The classification should be indicated by the applicant on the application.