Automotive Dismantler and Recycler


An Automotive Dismanter and Recycler includes any person, firm, association, corporation, trust resident or nonresident, who is engaged in the business and/or providing facilities for the purpose of  recovering parts from automobiles and trucks, which have been wrecked or otherwise rendered inoperable who recovers the parts for resale and further reduces used automobiles and trucks to a condition capable of salvage for their scrap content by scrap processors.

Anyone performing Dismantler and Recycler services in the state of Tennessee is required to hold a license issued by the Motor Vehicle Commission.


  • Completion and submission of application 
  • Submission of Fee
  • Submission of documentation 
  • Facility Inspection

For detailed licensing documentation requirements, click here.


Application:  $400

Biennial Renewal Fee:  $400

Late Renewal:  $200

Duplicate License:  $25


All applicants who are applying for relocation must submit an application and receive a relocation inspection by Commission field staff.  The application can be found here.

All licensees can renew online, but are required to submit proof of insurance prior to approval.

Other Commission forms and applications can be found here.