Alarm Qualifying Agent


An individual qualified to oversee and supervise alarm systems contractor operations including offers to sell, install, service or monitor alarm systems, signal devices, fire alarms, burglar alarms, television cameras or still cameras used to detect fire, burglary, breaking and/or entering, intrusion, shoplifting, pilferage or theft.

The license is for a specific or multiple classification(s)- (FIRE, BURGLAR, CCTV, MONITORING).

"Designated Qualifying Agent" - the Qualifying Agent designated by the certified contractor to be responsible for compliance with state law.


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be of good moral character.
  • A signed, notarized application and fee of $200
  • Submit copy of receipt for electronically scanned fingerprints.
  • One copy of color passport style photo (example: Color front facing photo from the top of your head down to the width of your shoulders. No tinted glasses of any kind and no hats unless it’s of a religious purpose.)
  • If a criminal history exists applicants must disclose all arrests/charges and provide certified court documents showing the final disposition of all charges. Criminal history that could disqualify an applicant:

(a) Conviction by any local, state, federal or military court of any crime involving the illegal use, possession, sale, manufacture, distribution or transportation of a controlled substance, controlled substance analogue, drug or narcotic;
(b) Conviction of a crime involving felonious assault;
(c) Conviction of a crime involving unlawful breaking or entering, burglary, larceny or arson;
(d) Conviction as an habitual criminal; or
(e) An addiction to alcohol or a narcotic drug.
Conviction means and includes the entry of a plea of guilty, plea of no contest or a verdict rendered in open court by a judge or jury;



Application Fee: $200

Electronic Fingerprint Fee: $38

License Fee: $50 per classification applied for.

Add Classification Fee: $100 per classification for existing licenses

Transfer Fee: $50

Renewal Fee:  $100 Single classification

Multiple classifications $200


Experience & Educational Requirements

Hold a post-high-school degree from an accredited university, college, or technical college approved by the commissioner; or Hold a current certification by a national training program approved by the commissioner in the field of work to be installed, serviced, or monitored, and have at least three (3) years of working experience in the alarm industry covering the actual installation of alarm systems.

Approved training information can be found here.

Examination Requirements

Qualifying Agents must pass an examination designed to measure knowledge and competence in each classification for which they have applied.   Examination Candidate Information Bulletin

Renewal Requirements

Qualifying Agent licenses expire the last day of the 24th month following issuance. In order to renew the licensee must provide two (2) color passport style photos, and proof of the required sixteen (16) hours of continuing professional education obtained during the two (2) year period since issuance or the previous renewal.

Grace Period

The grace period for your license is 90 days. When you renew during the grace you are charged a late fee of 10% of renewal fee for each month late within grace period.

After grace period, will need to request reinstatement of license. After processing this request will be notified steps to reapply for license.

Continuing Education: How many education hours do I need?

16 hours of continuing education.

Approved continuing education information can be found here.

Change of Address

For Registered Employees or Qualifying agents, a change of address is reported through your account. After you log in or create an account, you will choose the “My Licenses or Permits” tab, select your credential, then select the Change Address option. There is not a fee for a home address change.