Debt Management Provider


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Letter to Licensees from Executive Director Roxana Gumucio

This license is required by any person or entity, that for compensation is offering or providing to offer the planning and management of the financial affairs of a debtor and the receipt of money
from the debtor for the distribution to a creditor in payment of the debtor’s
obligation. More specific information can be found under T.C.A 47-18-5501.

Debt Management Rules and Regulations


  1. Completed Application, Acknowledgement Forms and submission of fees.
  2. Financial statements audited by a CPA for two years preceding the application
  3. A surety bond in the amount of $50,000, with a surety authorized to transact business in Tennessee, or an irrevocable letter of credit
  4. Evidence of insurance in the amount of $250,000.
  5. Evidence of accreditation by an independent accrediting organization.
  6. A description of the three most common educational programs provided and the educational materials.
  7. Documentation of certification by a bona fide third-party certification provider for each certified counselor or a statement that such documentation will be provided within 12 months of employment.
  8. A description of the financial analysis and initial budget plan, including any form or electronic model, used to evaluate the financial condition of individuals.
  9. A copy of each form of proposed debt management plan agreement used with Tennessee consumers and the notice of right to cancel.
  10. A schedule of fees (including voluntary donations) for all services to be offered.
  11. Irrevocable consent to review all trust accounts.
  12. The results of a criminal records check, including fingerprints, conducted within the preceding 12-month period of application filing covering every officer, and employee or agent authorized to have access to trust accounts as defined in the law. The fingerprints and IdentoGo registration form are to be submitted directly to IdentoGo, not to the State of Tennessee. A Fingerprint Acknowledgement Form must be completed, initialed and signed by everyone submitting fingerprints and then attached to the application. (If there is a change in officers or those signing on the Trust Account between license renewals the Fingerprint Acknowledge Form must be submitted to our department and the criminal records check completed and approved prior to them being granted access to the Trust Account.)


Initial Application: $4,000.00

Renewal: $4,000.00


  • For all trust accounts, an irrevocable consent authorizing the Department of Commerce & Insurance, or designee, to review and examine the trust accounts identified herein.
  • If the internet is a component of a counseling session, provide a copy of all computer screens viewed by the consumer.

Debt Management Accreditation Program Registration

Debt Management Services Accreditation Providers

Consent to Service of Process and Acknowledgement Forms

IDENTOGO Background Check Instructions

Fingerprint Based Criminal History Record Check Policy

Irrevocable Consent for Trust Account

Debt-Management Services Provider License Surety Bond

Credit Services merged with Debt Management effective 7/1/2021

No Late fees or grace period. Renewals should be filed no more than 60 days before renewal date and no less than 30 days before expiration.

If expired more than sixty (60) must reapply for license.E26